About Waeldner Law

Day-to-Day Counsel to Venture-Backed and Publicly Traded Technology Companies

Rob Waeldner is principal at Waeldner Law, a firm specializing in negotiating contracts for tech companies throughout Massachusetts and Maine. Launched in 2004, Waeldner Law assists clients in completing transactions effectively and efficiently, while protecting their interests and freeing up valuable resources for other important matters.

Rob Waeldner develops close relationships with various members of each client’s executive team, as well an intimate knowledge of each client’s business model. This unique relationship enables Rob to safeguard each client’s interest and provide effective and efficient legal services in a timely manner.

Unlike larger firms, where legal matters are generally handed down to less experienced attorneys, Rob personally handles all matters from beginning to end, giving each matter the full attention that it deserves. Rob’s clients appreciate the good judgement, attention to detail, and sound advice that Rob brings to every situation and negotiation.

With prior in-house experience and substantial industry knowledge, Rob can quickly come up to speed on each client’s business — including the products/services offered, key company strategies, and important customer requirements. Rob will quickly learn whom to contact within the client’s organization to resolve issues, remove roadblocks, and offer creative solutions. Rob will further enhance his efficiency by developing a knowledge of his client’s strategic goals, internal systems, and external drivers.

Similar to full-time in-house counsel, Rob is available to work on site or remotely, often with a client issued laptop, email address and phone number. In all cases, Rob will take steps necessary to contribute as a member of a client’s management team.

Waeldner Law strives to structure its client relationships in a flexible manner, looking to create the best fit for its clients. In general, Waeldner Law charges either an hourly rate or a pre-negotiated monthly rate. Such rates are substantially less than the rates charged by law firms for comparable expertise. Additionally, Waeldner Law does not charge for incidental expenses, such as regular photocopying and domestic phone calls. Rob understands that clients want certainty in their legal expenditures and seek close alignment between legal service fees and results.

Please Contact Rob Waeldner to find out how Waeldner Law can meet your ongoing, day-to-day legal needs.