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Artificial Intelligence for Legal Work? Not Yet.

Nowhere is the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts,” more applicable than when it comes to holiday gifts. That’s because most of us have given and received things that, while well-intentioned, were not quite what the other person was hoping for. But on target or not,… Read more

Terms of Service Matter for Your Business

Recently, the video conference provider Zoom experienced significant backlash when it updated its online terms of service (ToS). ToS updates are not uncommon, however this one, which gave Zoom the right to use customer content in a number of ways — including in the training of… Read more

Unique Strategy to Enhance Sales Process

Summer is here! In my house, that means home repair — along with trips to the beach and backyard barbecues. Last weekend, I was fixing my back deck after a long, harsh winter. I made a list of what needed doing — some chores easy,… Read more

NDAs Are Fundamentally About Trust

I was in my local Walgreen’s last week to pick up a prescription. As always, standard privacy measures were in place — measures that, at this point, we all take for granted: distance between customers as they approach the counter; drug names on a screen that’s… Read more

Improving Professional Service IT Agreements

A few years ago, we renovated our kitchen. Our old kitchen was fine, but it was getting a bit tired and we were ready for more counter space, better lighting, and an improved layout overall.  As we soon discovered, getting the work done required a… Read more

Win With Win/Win

Last month, my wife, Brigid, and I drove from Portland, Maine to Boulder, Colorado. It’s a long journey (2000+ miles!), so we tried to plan some fun stopping points along the way. One of these, near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is Edith Lucille’s Bait Shop and Wing Depot (motto:… Read more

Those Elusive “Clickwrap” Agreements

Last August, my daughter, Katie, moved into her first apartment after college — in New York City. Like the weather, the rental market was hot. When Katie and her roommate finally found an apartment in their price range, they knew they had to jump. Things… Read more

Flawed Assumptions Lead to Trouble

When it comes to airplane travel, I’m partial to early morning flights. Yes, you need to arrive at the airport first thing in the morning. But it also means that the plane is already sitting there from the night before, reducing the chances of a… Read more

Use the Vendor’s Agreement as Your Contract Template

When it comes to contract negotiations, the focus is, understandably, on the finish line: how do we get this document signed as quickly as possible? It’s in nobody’s interest to belabor the process; everyone involved wants to get down to the business that the contract… Read more

Spring Cleaning Your Contracts

I’d be lying if I said that I enjoy spring cleaning. It’s dirty, tiring, and inevitably involves coming face to face with insects and/or rodents that have found a home in or around ours. But I do it anyway — every year. Not only does… Read more