NDAs — A First (And Critical) Step When Doing Business

Gone are the days when business discussions and information sharing occurred in the form of a formal, structured meeting. Today, information flows freely and all of us rely on a wide-ranging, ever-growing mix of communication vehicles — email, videoconferencing, social, text, and more. Given this… Read more

Start Your Agreements Off On The Right Foot

I’ve reviewed countless vendor agreements over the years. Along the way, I’ve seen order forms, terms and conditions, and ordering documents of all shapes and sizes. Many have been well done. Others have been embarrassingly bad — unclear language, inconsistent terminology, misspellings, broken links, rampant… Read more

Play Your Position In Contract Negotiations

My son Matt is now 16. Back when he was eight, he began playing Pee Wee football. He loved playing, but he had one big problem — he couldn’t decide which position to play. He liked them all. Even more, he liked how each position… Read more

Beware of “Best Efforts”

As the father of three children, I’ve coached my fair share of youth sports teams over the years. Baseball, softball, basketball, skiing… you name it. Thinking back on my coaching tenure, I probably relied on one phrase more than any other: “Do your best!” Nothing… Read more